The Series

Our Discussion Paper series is a valuable resource for any academic or professional interested in, or engaged with the work of SEEC. More generally, it will be a unique resource for anyone interested in the theory and/or applications of spatial econometrics and spatial statistics. In addition, SEEC will host a collection of programmes for spatial data analysis in the social sciences and beyond.

The Discussion Paper series is registered with RePEc, providing easy access to both research articles and programmes. Any researcher or programmer in the area is invited to submit their work to the series. Publication is subject to editorial approval.

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Liqian Cai and Taps Maiti. Functional regression over irregular domains. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 1, August 2013. Download

Eduardo A. Castro, Zhen Zhang, Arnab Bhattacharjee, José M. Martins, and Taps Maiti. Regional fertility data analysis: A small area Bayesian approach. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 2, November 2013. Download

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Taps Maiti and Dennis Petrie. Spatial structures of health outcomes and health behaviours in
Scotland: Evidence from the Scottish Health Survey. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 3, January 2014. Download

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Chris Higson and Sean Holly. Asymmetric Price Adjustment, Sticky Costs
and Operating Leverage over the Business Cycle. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 4, January 2014. Download

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Eduardo Castro, Taps Maiti and João Marques. Endogenous spatial structure and delineation of submarkets: A new framework with application to housing markets. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 5, January 2014. Download

Jan Ditzen. Economic Growth and Migration. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 6, December 2014. Download

Achim Ahrens. Civil conflicts in Africa: Climate, economic shocks, nighttime lights and spill-over effects. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 7, October 2015. Download

Jan Ditzen. xtdcce: Estimating Dynamic Common Correlated Effects in Stata. SEEC Discussion Paper Series No 8, July 2016. Download